An Altruistic Business, an institute, a museum of the future as we design it and a new home for the transhuman house… all of this is the part of the following ‘business’ plan.

One of our most exciting projects is for the Foundation Retreat (different than the Foundations Retreat they had recently at the Transhuman House) which would include a new version of the transhuman house.  We did a VC Style pitch deck to explain the idea to the Foundation membership and to some people working on similar projects but wanted to share this idea with others.  When we have enough funding we plan on creating this or executing on this one way or the other.

Foundation Retreat VC Pitch Deck and Business Plan

(Provo, UT) Effective June 1, 2018, (owned and operated by the Foundation) and (owned and operated by the AGI Laboratory) have come to an arrangement to post all the technocracy posts to the website.  It is thought that this will help provide a better more active news site focused on futurists, technologists and the like and help The Technocracy grow as a podcast.