Episode 8 – Losing Faith in Humanity

In this edition, the top news starts with:

The simple observation of the monkeys, normally referred to as humans, observing that the use of machine intelligence smarter than themselves could actually help them be more successful financially than they could be otherwise.  This goes to the Captain Obvious conclusion that AI companies could become the richest companies ever… ever… 


In a round of confused thinking, DeepMind seems to think that deep learning is going to lead to deep consciousness and should probably pay more attention to cognitive architectures before heralding the dawn…


In the sort of thinking that will only lead to a dystopian future, it seems thinking new motivations will get geniuses to change the world with AI instead of being evil.  These people clearly do not understand how humanity works and should all watch the popular video on YouTube about ‘The Dictators Handbook’ to dash their faith in humanity. Then, they too can have a dim view of humanity and realize the only real solution is to embrace their new machine overlords.


Further developments in optical processing, related to AI in terms of deep learning, are helping us move one step closer to commercialized optical processors and saving Moore’s law.


While we tried to refrain from referring to Captain Obvious a second time this week the Allen Institute for AI was referenced in an article about AI assistants saying dumb things… that aside, the Allen Institute is making incremental progress in the field and we hope to see more from them in the future.


In an ongoing set of trends we have been watching for more than 10 years, a Deloitte post in the Wall street journal touches on a marriage of those two trends in UX, or human centered design, and AI systems; where there can be synergy in bridging the two in systems that incorporate AI with UI.  Both of these trends are expected to be major forces in the coming decade in the Market.


It has been noted on several occasions that robots are becoming more lifelike. This one, in particular, is interesting as it doesn’t require me to take a shower after reading about it.  A robot fish that can swim with other fish.


RISC chip inventors win the Turing Prize for unlocking the processor power that’s key to today’s computers and phones.


Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is down at 970.12, the markets are down over fears of a trade war between US and China.  Nonsense like this is exactly the kind thing that will cause things to go very, very dystopian.

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