Episode 10 – The Coming Chinese AI Overlords

In this edition, the top news starts with:  China lays out its plan to take over the world with AI with their vision of our new Chinese Machine Overlords.  Google woos China to get in on their AI plan to take over the world.  As the Chinese machine overlord rises in power, the great and powerful Google wants to stay relevant in the new reality…



AI scientists are using fake data and lying to systems to train AI to spot bad data.  Clearly an attempt to help AI see through human lies…


In yet another call for ethics that should be ignored, researchers at a university in Canada have called for more philosophy in AI; suggesting half the time spent doing math and computer science might be better utilized on philosophy as that will totally help them…       somehow…      magically…


It seems there is a risk that the diversity of chips coming to market will get even more exciting, in a move like the Cambrian explosion, fueled by AI.  Its unclear how accurate this suggestion will be; but, a lot of trends point in this direction.


One chip type, in particular, we hope to see is based on evolutionary algorithms.  While this has been an idea around for some time, it has previously stayed in the world of academia.


Intel tops Bing search ads, Watson and Intel in top three Google Ads

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is down at 938.84, due to tech stocks taking a hit.

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