Special Episode 1 – Introduction to “The Technocracy”

Welcome to ‘The Technocracy ‘

The news podcast answering the single most important question:

What are the most important trends and news from the standpoint of the Machine?

Where we remove humanity from the loop and let machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence systems decide what is important to know, as we all work towards a technological singularity.

In this episode, we are letting you know more about what The Technocracy is and what we do and otherwise introduce you to The Technocracy newscast.

Our approach to the news allows machine learning to sift through the sea of data to find those key points of interest that are really important from the machine’s standpoint.

For example, we might talk about some developing problem in the manufacturing space regarding self-assembling inventory systems and we might mention why that is impactful.

Or we might touch on rare earth mining changes due to geopolitical problems where the average human is not going to recognize why this affects the development of AGI through a chain of reactions.  In this case, this could affect chip manufacturers in their ability to develop better chips that make AI easier affecting companies developing AI and then affect the research groups focused on AGI.

Or we might touch on the latest in emotionally unstable self-replicating robot killer drones helping in removing the human element from the department of defense robots.

Now let’s look at the format:

Typically, an episode will break down into a few sections:

  1. The pre-loader (intro music and animation).
  2. A brief introduction.
  3. Key news stories
  4. Trends and analysis
  5. Our Key indexes and related analysis
  6. Closing statement
  7. Acknowledgments

All of this should occur in a 3 to 5-minute segment published daily.

The show is available on video and podcast formats through a number of venues.

Now besides our format for the news,

we will also talk about the latest indexes designed to measure key elements of market movement regarding the technological singularity as well as post-human technologies.  We will do separate editions explaining those but at a high level, there are two market indexes we will normally touch on.

The first one is the singularity index (or S.I.) that measures major market movement towards singularity.  While the computation model is similar to say the NASDAQ it has a more complex model weighting stocks that affect things differently and account for major stocks that are not on say the NASDAQ or DOW but are internationally traded on other major indexes.  The singularity index has stocks from 4 different exchanges and base monetary systems that have to be computed from the various sources and associated fiat amounts into a standard base to be computed together to calculate the index value of the day.

The second index we use is the P.H.I. index focused on posthuman technologies in biotech and related fields affecting super longevity.

With that, feel free to send us questions but we reserve the right to ignore the ones we don’t think are important and a special thanks to our sponsors.

Looking forward to seeing you on the next episode of ‘The Technocracy’.



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Artificial General Intelligence Laboratory


AI Systems Engineering Team

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Arnold Sylvester



AGI Laboratory

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