Episode 9 – Training AI to Hunt Down Players

In this edition, the top news starts with:

The game company EA is now training AI to run in first-person shooters. Having AI trained in combat in real-world scenarios to hunt down people and kill them is, of course, a great idea.


At the AAAI SSS18 conference at Stanford, an AI scientist is quoted as saying “MAGIC can yield orders of magnitude better estimates…” No word yet on the new AI classes at Hogwarts…

Delta Air Lines is looking at outfitting some employees with power armor for improving strength and worker efficiency.


Artificial brains are helping reverse engineer the human brain.


As the AI arms race heats up, a group of scientists are looking at systems that can spot fake news, thereby preventing disinformation.


Researchers in AI are recognizing that it’s hard to estimate how large the impact will be and how difficult it is to debug issues with AI if it goes rogue.

When AI Goes Awry

Part of the problem with AI going awry is the breadth of the application of machine learning: from toilet waste management to pest control, and agriculture. There is no way that our ability to handle problems will keep pace with the applications we can find for machine learning.


Wikipedia is not happy with Amazon and Apple for their blatant use of Wikipedia without actually contributing.

Senior Wikipedia exec implies that Apple ‘exploits’ the service without giving back

Watson and Intel are battling it out for ad space on Bing ads while Watson has control of Google.

Lastly, the Singularity Index, or S.I., is slightly up at 974.97.

The S.I. came up at the AAAI symposium at Stanford, where the S.I. brought to light probably one of the greatest existential risks to society as a whole; this being the state of rare earth miners or suppliers. With the supply so limited, China has a massive monopoly on these minerals, which are needed for the advanced technology we are so used to. It is a massive risk that could bring consumer electronics as we know it to a grinding halt in terms of new chips of any kind if something were to happen to result in China halting its shipments of these minerals.

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