Episode 15 – RIP Apple Computers and Big F’ing Rockets

In this edition, the top news starts with:  Given the current trends, and the states of the big tech firms, Apple seems to be set for the fight of its life and this time Steve is not going to be there to save them.  Maybe they will merge with Microsoft and be Microsoft’s ‘phone’ division? 


Fear mongering AI expert calls for boycott over lab in South Korea that was going to work on autonomous weapons.  Good thing we don’t have that nonsense in the United States at DARPA.


With real AI any hope of securing your data from AI goes out the window.  Whoever controls the AI controls the web…


Who decides and how?  Is the next big question as pressure on content moderation increases.  The drive is to include AI in that process, to act as big brother.


Mind reading machines?  It seems MIT has created a device that can measure subvocalized speech for digital control which really opens the door for a new interface model with digital systems.


For those that don’t believe Space X is building a Big F’ing Rocket called the BFR, Musk put out a great picture of one of the tools needed to create the ‘BFR’ showing its scale compared with a tiny car.


At the same time, our Friend Musk has been ranting about the danger of AI. Fortunately, no one is listening, and we embrace our machine overlords… what could go wrong?


Bing still not always showing ads for AI, IBM Watson still tops Google ads.

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is at 913.20, amid ongoing trade war fears…

As always, thanks for listening to the news of the day on “The Technocracy”.

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