Episode 17 – Captain Obvious strikes again and Bitcoin eats Quebec

In this edition, the top news starts with:

In a move to help people not have to remember passwords, the plan is to support an even worse problem by having to struggle with two-factor authentication.  So, no password; but, you have to have a phone and a computer or slate with you and have to solve some “is human” problem and any number of other torturous things that are totally better than remembering a password…


Hoping that the transport will be in place to get you there, a space hotel is getting ready to launch in 2021. You just have to risk your life by riding a controlled explosion into space, on a ship that hasn’t even been tested yet, to live in an aluminum can and hope that 3 mm of metal will protect you from explosive decompression while being locked up in isolation for almost 2 weeks in a space not much bigger then the inside of a Cessna.


In a bit of Irony, Musk has cut some ties with his own AI company due to his other company’s work on AI; where the first AI company is trying to create the very thing Musk fears with Musk’s money.


Captain obvious strikes again on Slash Gear, announcing that smartphone AI still sucks; except the part where it shared your data with companies, so they can better spy on, er I mean ‘help’ you with targeted advertising.


Bitcoin has started eating Quebec; utilizing the ‘excess power’ from a hydroelectric power plant for nothing more than mining bitcoin.  Soon, expect to walk down main street and all the businesses are closed but inside all the windows are ‘bitcoin’ mining rigs running amuck. Too bad there isn’t a use for all that excess heat…


Intel is developing a desktop GPU that we totally don’t know about as it’s super, “super” secret… who would have thought they would want to compete against AMD and Nvidia?


Bing is still minimizing AI related ads, IBM Watson tops Google Ads.

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is slightly up at 933.86,

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