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Welcome to ‘The Technocracy‘s engineering and research teams entry video into the EOS blockchain hackathon.  Please vote for us in the link below…

Quickly our team consists of;




and me (David)…

Normally, we might be answering the single most important question; but, today, we want to talk about removing the roadblocks to distributed resource management of AI driven resources.

Let’s start with a few definitions;

COG is a sort of double entendre that represents a cognitive resource token protocol and invokes the image of a gear in a machine in people’s heads… It represents a methodology for AI driven resource management and automation in a distributed blockchain system’s leaving a permanent secure audit trail.

COG AI refers to the program to build all the associated COG infrastructure such as the Collective services and so forth at the AGI Laboratory.

The COG AI Collective – is the governance body of the COG protocol and services group.

COG AI Collective Services or Resources refers to public COG API that can be used via COG on the EOS blockchain.

COG AI Blockchain interface interchange system is the part of the COG protocol for inter-blockchain interoperability.

The AGI Laboratory team intends to build the COG AI Blockchain interface interchange system for EOS on the EOS.IO platform.  This includes resource management infrastructure, including the COG AI Collective Services EOS tokens and interchange.   This can be used to manage COG AI resources on EOS or ported to other supported blockchain systems such as COG on Ethereum with the same resources using the token interchange. 


COG, generally, is about making blockchain easy and making AI resources on the blockchain accessible and easy to use for everyone and interchangeable between blockchain systems, primarily centered on the EOS blockchain and services published on COG/EOS.

Artificial Intelligence empowers the world increasingly, and that power grows at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, like any other valuable and scarce resource, it is subject to profit-harvesting silos that seek to make it artificially even more scarce, and only for their own purposes, which pay little attention to the common good. We believe that AI should be a public utility, accessible to and developed by everybody.

COG tokens will not only allow sales of AI, Machine Learning, and cognitive services; COG tokens will also enable you to participate in a new community prediction and governance market and, more importantly, consumer AI services you can publish to more than one blockchain system using COG.  COG AI supports efforts ranging from research to adding your own services, to the COG AI Collective, to consulting services.


Anyone with an EOS wallet can use the COG AI collective and take advantage of services…

Anyone can engage COG AI services from EOS.

Your ability to publish services depends on stake of engagement with the EOS blockchain or other supported blockchain systems using COG.

By using COG, you help make the world a better place through helping scientific research in AI, for the good of all.


From an impact standpoint, COG AI is a composite interchange and resource management system on EOS and other blockchain systems.

The COG AI master services list will be published on the blockchain and each added reference to the master services list can be validated.

Additionally, the research program is managed directly by the AGI Laboratory and has the goal is creating safe AGI designed to be partners with humanity.  The COG AI Collective also includes the ethics review board.  The two main directives are designed for the COG AI Collective to act as a White Knight in the AI space driving towards Human Level Artificial General Intelligence.   This is designed in a way that can be integrated into society, where humanity and AGI can grow together for the benefit of humanity as a species.


Along with a hard-core research team focused on innovative Artificial Intelligence research, COG AI, as the center of a distributed AI system, gives you the ability publish AI resources to EOS and have it used throughout the COG system by various other systems.

As a company (referring to any company) that provides AI resources, the COG AI program gives you a platform and marketplace for consumer services.  Do you have a better AI mousetrap?  COG on EOS gives you the ability to take it to market and scale.

As always, thanks for listening and vote for us…


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