Episode 36 – First Rule of the AI Fight Club… Don’t talk about the AI Fight Club…

In this edition, the top news starts with:

To maintain Intel’s growth mindset, they are taking on the space leader in the AI space, Nvidia, to ensure Intel’s access to a growth market over the next ten years.  Intel is the dominant leader in CPU and server hardware; but, Nvidia has focused on AI computing and gained a lot of ground and is perceived as the space leader in that segment.  Intel must fight, or they could get sidelined in the next 10 years.


Artificial Intelligence is still dumb according to Google; going to the on-going point that most ‘AI’ we are talking about is ‘narrow’ and will always be ‘dumb’ AI.  Only ‘AGI’ can really be ‘smart’ AI and this is what most people think about when they talk about AI.


Researchers have found they can hide commands to activate voice systems like Alexa or Siri and the like.  Imagine listing to the radio and Alexa keeps ordering Tide Pods when you hear a commercial?


In cases like a maze, AI has gotten better than humans at navigating unfamiliar environments.


Samsung is coming out with a wireless version of Microsoft’s VR technology.  Given that the Microsoft technology already is easier to deploy or adopt due to the way it works from a setup standpoint, making it wireless removes one more roadblock to adoption; which could eventually slow down the current market leaders in the VR space.


Google is getting a reputation for being ambivalent about product and feature delivery, such as the feature that had AI that could remove something unwanted in an image; which was promised “very soon”, a year ago.


Google is hoping to continue to be the biggest big brother that we invite into our lives, by selling us a future powered by our own personal data…


Intel tops Bing AI ads, IBM Watson tops Google AI ads.

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is up at 1007.37, finally re-breaking the 1k mark.

As always, thanks for listening to the news of the day on “The Technocracy”.

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