Episode 40 – Elon’s Super-Secret Plot that No One Seems to See.

In this edition, the top news starts with:

And Elon slips on his secret plot; everything he does is about getting on Mars, including Tesla, The Boring Company and the like… was there any doubt?… meanwhile, we could see new intra-planetary travel in the relatively near future…


OMG… Judea Pearl thinks we should teach AI cause and effect to get AI out of a rut… because the current machine learning can totally understand that… much like my abacus on my desk… time for a new paradigm?


SRI International joins DARPA to teach AI memory recall and make much cooler video games…


Microsoft has really stepped up with their accessibility policies.  Having seen Satya’s first push along those lines since he ascended the throne, to now seeing these policies come full circle with this accessibility controller… which is a really well-done product, enabling almost everyone to game regardless of any issues that they might have.


A hacker hacks Securus, the company that provides your location to the cops when they want to track you using your phone… for a safe and secure society…


Alphabet protects elections from DDoS attacks, by expanding its protection service from news outlets to politics…


According to OpenAI, using a concept called ‘compute’, AI development is outpacing even Moore’s law…


Intel resumes its “rightful” place atop Bing AI ads; IBM Watson still tops Google AI ads but Amazon is lurking in the background…

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is up slightly at 993.08, amid market turmoil.

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