Episode 42 – Where did all the Emotional Computing Go?

In this edition, the top news starts with:

Taking profiling to a whole new level, we can now digitally, racially and socially profile so well the ACLU is involved…


One shining star at Big Think seems to have not paid attention to Artificial General Intelligence systems like ICOM; that are emotion based, with subjective experience…


A professor at Tufts University is pushing battery technology further. Improved battery technology could change the world in many ways.


Carnegie Mellon University has a new self-healing material that is able to spontaneously fix itself; promising electronic circuits that could repair themselves and continue to function in spite of significant damage.


Helping to bring the AI overlords faster, Samsung is opening a massive AI research center in the UK.


AI Decentralized launches a new plan to power 100 blockchain powered scams… er… I mean ‘projects’….


Intel atop Bing AI ads, IBM Watson tops Google AI ads.

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is flat at 995.23, a lot of it having to do with market turmoil.

As always, thanks for listening to the news of the day on “The Technocracy”.

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