Episode 52 – Speed Humps and Securities

In this edition, the top news starts with: 

Bitcoin and Ethereum are officially not securities according to the SEC, primarily because they are too decentralized.   


Google’s (er… I mean “Alphabet’s”) Deepmind is able to decompose a 3D space from a few 2d images.   


In a statement likely to flood the market with startups focused on the slowest database architecture known, someone realized that using blockchain for a database system might be a blue ocean (likely not for long though as the ‘blue’ ocean will run red with the blood of startups…) 


Visual data is flooding the IoT space with real big data and is forcing us to realize what visual data can do in the digital space. Increasingly, this advanced visual processing of data with the help of AI and IoT will affect business. 


Yes, AI has a bias problem and you should stop using it so that our company can get an edge on you and beat you out in the market.  AI is dangerous, just say no…  


In an effort to address climate change, among other issues, it appears we might be able to extract ‘carbon’ fuels from air for as little as 100 USD if done at large scale.   


Bing still is not showing AI ads, and IBM Watson tops Google AI ads, but Microsoft still lurks. 

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is up slightly at 1577.93, teasing us with a potential speed ‘hump’ as it stagnates…  

As always, thanks for listening to the news of the day on “The Technocracy”.  

And a special thanks to our Sponsors, Artificial General Intelligence, A.K.A. AGI Laboratory, and The Foundation and our other sponsors.  

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