AI Abstract Series E8: Detecting Qualia in Natural and Artificial Agents

Welcome to the Technocracy A.I. Abstract Series for Published Scientific Work in the A.I. and Artificial General Intelligence field.

Today’s paper is titled: Detecting Qualia in Natural and Artificial Agents

Authored By Roman V. Yampolskiy

Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Speed School of Engineering
University of Louisville

The Hard Problem of consciousness has been dismissed as an illusion. By showing that computers are capable of experiencing, we show that they are at least rudimentarily conscious with potential to eventually reach superconsciousness. The main contribution of the paper is a test for confirming certain subjective experiences in a tested agent. We follow with analysis of benefits and problems with conscious machines and implications of such capability on future of computing, machine rights and artificial intelligence safety.

As always thank you for listening to the Technocracy Abstract Series and a special thank you for our sponsors the Foundation, and the AGI Laboratory.


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