(Provo, UT) Effective June 1, 2018, Transhumanity.net (owned and operated by the Foundation) and TheTechnocracy.com (owned and operated by the AGI Laboratory) have come to an arrangement to post all the technocracy posts to the Transhumanity.net website.  It is thought that this will help provide a better more active news site focused on futurists, technologists and the like and help The Technocracy grow as a podcast.

In this edition, the top news starts with:

Thwarting the dark web at every turn, the EU has adopted the new GDPR rules which Facebook appears to be embracing; which is probably a good PR move on their part.  What is more interesting is that this new EU law seems to be affecting data privacy worldwide, especially regarding large companies that do business in the EU. It is functionally easier to ensure uniform execution, lowering implementation and time to market costs, by uniformly following the rules; effectively making them international law.  (more…)