Episode 6 – The Humdrum March to Singularity

In this edition, the top news starts with
AI taking pity on humanity, with the development of AI driven technology that can spot Alzheimer’s before you or your doctor can. Further, AI is also helping find brain tumors in cancer diagnosis. This sort of Machine Learning is a small incremental step in helping humanity live longer.


Scientists taught an AI to diagnose brain cancer

In a futile effort of resistance, a machine learning expert is confusing his expertise with AGI expertise; trying to force AI into a more ethical model where humanity is not subjected to their new machine overlords… viva la résistance…

Ensuring that artificial intelligence is ethical? That’s everyone’s responsibility

Improving on and moving towards even more ubiquity in technology, Xilinx announced flexible architecture computer chips designed around focused tasks that can be configured programmatically.


It seems in the AI space lowly humans have become aware that the technology of speech recognition by machine learning systems is outpacing our ability to figure out what cool things we can do with them.


Unable or unwilling to actually compete in the Alexa, Google, Siri, Cortona wars, IBM Watson wants to be the ghost in the machine; bringing Watson’s abilities as an AGI into question…


In another brilliant move by humanity, the US Department of Defense is putting AI on the task of designing weapon systems for the US Military. Of course, this brings us a more safe and secure society… additionally, we encourage the DoD to watch any number of Terminator movies and check out the hot new weapons such an AI might joyously build…


IBM announced a breakthrough: a full-blown computer of roughly 1990 equivalent capability. But, they put the whole thing into something smaller than a grain of rice, getting us incrementally closer to complex digital nanites


Intel and IBM continue to fight over ad space in an ever-increasing fight to ensure we ignore the top posts on search indexes.

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is down at 985.88 due to various market fluctuations bleeding into key sectors on the S.I.

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