Episode 5 – The Nanites Are Coming

In this edition, the top news starts with

Nanostructure creation method improvements; while incremental, nanite technology threatens to shape humanity like few other technologies could ever dream of. 


NVIDIA continues to be a leader in the AI Hardware space with the latest in hardware optimized for Machine Learning applications.  Overall growth is expected to hit $190.61 billion by 2025 and NVIDIA hardware is key across numerous sectors using AI.


Reuters is providing an AI-powered news service called Lynx that helps journalists with news and story development.  This service creates some article content, makes suggestions and the like moving one step closer to removing humanity from journalism…


Increasingly, AI is in the HR department; while this can have dramatic effects on HR from hiring to automation and the like, a significant slice of companies are not adopting such technologies. This should better help companies go bankrupt and go under, due to a massive lack of foresight and the competitive advantage those companies that apply these technologies will likely have.


AI in retail is making inroads; with the expected market for retail AI to hit $25 billion by 2025.


Based on billionaire Mark Cuban’s advice, unless you’re in control of companies doing AI, you’re better off staying out of the tech sector.  Embrace your new machine overlords and focus on arts and crafts like a good little human.


In a flash of blindingly obvious assessments, humans are starting to fight back in the robot takeover of the financial segment as AI driven funds struggle over humans fighting back.


In a growing struggle to fight freedom and suppress the rights of others, Google will ban ICO and cryptocurrency related advertising; following in the steps of Facebook’s oppressive crack down on real free markets.


On the darker side, humans are trying to figure out who is to blame when AIs start killing humans rather than worrying about how to save human lives or fight back.


Lastly, with falling prices in the Technology sector, the Singularity Index or S.I. is down a tiny bit at 1014.71, reflecting some volatility in the S.I.

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