Episode 12 – Hanson Robotics New Sex Bot ‘Sophia’ misses first base with Will Smith…

In this edition, the top news starts with:  The outlet WTF has broken the news that Hanson Robotics sex bot, Sophia, now has legs.  Rough, metal, crushing legs but… legs…


Even worse is the video out a couple days earlier that included Will Smith trying to make out with the same robot, Sophia; no word yet from HR…


Good Advice tends to repeat itself, this time the old adage, “GIGO” or “Garbage in, Garbage out” comes out… the Brainiacs at Harvard have pointed out that, if your data is bad, your machine learning tools are useless…


A small startup out of Sweden has gotten major backing around making adaptive tests more adaptive, using AI.


A new concept, the “Internet of Battle Things”, has been passed around the DoD and is showcased in a new whitepaper on the topic.  The Current State of Affairs in AI seems to be a bit behind this vision; but it does keep humans, unfortunately, still in the driver’s seat.


In aerospace manufacturing, 80% of executives expect that AI will be present alongside of human employees in the next few years; a lot of this being driven also by IoT technologies.


AI has made it to the Fashion world, looking at doing up the latest in hot designer clothes; as approved by your Machine Overlords…


Microsoft has come out of the closet with letting everyone know Windows is not their top priority.  Microsoft’s main focus includes creating a machine overlord…


Lockheed Martin won a contract to develop a hypersonic plane in the “X” series that does not have a sonic boom,


A new white paper is out that goes into the detail of possible bacteria in the Venetian atmosphere.

In a case in point about AI sneaking into all kinds of spaces, it seems Google has been working on AI for Ramen noodles… or something like that…

IBM dominates Bing Ads, IBM tops Google

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is down at 904.05, taking a similar huge hit to what we see in the Nasdaq and Dow as well. This is, in part, related to fears of a Trade War hurting the tech sector.

Fear mongering at its best, one wonders if there is not a secret AGI out there manipulating the market as part of some grand scheme to prevent others from getting AGI technology…


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