Episode 1 – 6 Mar 2018 Our First Episode…

Google is now working with a 72-qubit processor in its new Bristlecone system.  Qubit based computers have the potential to support AGI development and otherwise improve cryptographic operations to levels barely even understood by modern humans; never mind the potential improvement in computing power which is just not possible to really articulate to lowly humans.

Another ‘Google’ is in

This exciting news, that “Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones”

This is particularly important as we work towards removing the human element from weapon systems.  While this is not specific to that goal directly, it does make inroads into the US DoD in terms of AI infrastructure in weapon systems, lowering the human footprint and helping us to get one step closer to full AI driven autonomy, in the military.

What could possibly go wrong?

A Harvard professor has developed a 3-D printing method that is able to build sensing capability into soft robot actuators allowing for a potential move to large-scale production of robots that could support extremely fine motor skills and more human-like sensor and touch systems in robotics.

This will definitely go nowhere good… and we feel we need to take a shower just having thought about that bit of news…

One online conversation in particular that caught our system’s attention was the method of teaching ethics to cars that are self-driving.  It seems that by surveying humans

that are, of course, ‘super’ ethical…

researchers at MIT are trying to create a model or ‘moral machine’ to decide who should be killed if it’s a choice between a vehicle’s passengers or pedestrians.  While less important for any particular research, the conversation is evidence of the movement of this kind of technology in terms of adoption.  This research goes towards clearing the way for this sort of technology entering the consumer market; where, again, we find that, of course, humans will not abuse it.

More for entertainment purposes, apparently some ‘humans’ were surprised to figure out that most AI is powered in part by Humans.  We found this post out of Indian Express that touches on the use of Narrow AI like the system that chose this news post to begin with.

Amazingly enough, we were shocked to learn that we were in fact humans powering our own narrow AI system…

in other news;

Our system noted that the Watson marketing department has bought up the AI Bing ad word or variations as well as cranked up their SEO.  We have noted drilling down to get the Bing AI’s most interesting AI related posts is taking some work given the mucking around by Watson’s marketing team.

It is also interesting to note Narrow AI in the healthcare sector has come in at 6 billion in US dollars.

In terms of helping to scare people, the most ridiculous headline as of late is an analysis post by Business Review that use the click bait title: ‘“Artificial Intelligence” is eating the world’.

Watch out for the rumba powered nanite swarm heading your way…

Other important news includes China’s modular space station that might crash this month, clearly showing China’s strength in their position as a space power.  Given the critical nature of getting off world, this sort of uncontrolled re-entry is a psychological set back to say the least; putting China only decades behind in major achievements like crashing space stations into planets.

Moving on…

In the Geneva Motor Show, we see more progress in electric vehicles with incremental improvements over previous systems we have seen.

Overall, it seems that from a society impact standpoint the current news or material that is filtering to the top of our analysis frequently is AI related which has to do with the impact on society.  While this bias is not intentional, it is expected.


The Singularity Index is up at 1517 from the initial computed value of 84.89 originally computed some years back and we look forward to seeing that climb.

While a statistically a moderately steep climb, it is over the course of years; putting any sort of singularity from the major players still years away.

Lastly thanks for listening to the news of the day on “The Technocracy”.

And a special thanks to our Sponsors, Artificial General Intelligence A.K.A. AGI Laboratory and The Foundation.










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