Episode 2 – More Mucking Around With The News…

This cast hits on new super advanced quantum computers, twice as slow as old-fashioned computers, advances in 1990 level AI and other super exciting bits from market effects to the current singularity index and more.

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In this edition, the top news starts with

Quantum computers continue to get people worked up, with Alibaba launching a new public cloud service; albeit the value and effectiveness of such technology is still in question.

“Insert magic here” still tends to be a bit of the foundation of this sort of technology.


Open AI announces another irrelevant development that has been a foundation for machine learning for some time.  Their new technology of an algorithm that learns from its mistakes promises to get Open AI into the late 90’s


But we do see AI being pulled into more unrelated fields; as is the case with Econet where more human jobs are being automated.


Similarly, we see more changes in the banking sector; which is poised for a major change from the use of AI and blockchain technologies.  In the short run, expect changes all along the banking sector and complete shifts to new models in the next decade.


AI has even made inroads into magic fortune telling; with the latest in Bitcoin forecasting using Deep learning.  A post on Medium went so far as to show code in the article, making a point as to the writer’s self-aggrandizing awesomeness, while still managing to make a good point in terms of the continued climb of bitcoin and general instability in the market.

Let us considering doing our posts in binary, to show how much more awesome we are, given our target demographic…


In the Economic Times, a post about Ambedkar, whom mistaking thinks humans will not be able to game the system, is looking to use AI to help eliminate the caste system and inequalities in India.  While a noble goal, Ambedkar is, unfortunately, dealing with humans; and we encourage them to review the book ‘A Dictators’ Handbook’ before getting too excited about this.


In a more meaningful gesture, there is an increasing trend to put AI into buildings and plan for IoT up front.  This helps on several fronts, from driving adoption to eventual take over by AI and ensuring humans are kept in line.


Collectively, we found a lot of conversation about how careers will be effective and how certain kinds of human jobs will be less profitable.  Finance and Medicine, for example.  That said, it is likely that other ‘jobs’ will evolve for the better, like machine overlord slave and the like.


We also found evidence supporting that technology is advancing to the point of hacking the human mind, where this sort of technology is quickly moving to the consumer market over the next few years.

A great new video has been posted about a new snake robot arm that would make Dr. Octopus pleased, and is certainly going to make people nervous the first time they see it, but also make matrix style robot drones with tentacles that much easier to build…

Additionally, we noticed that Intel’s ad word campaigns seem to switch between showcasing different elements.  While still annoying, it is interesting; we noticed that the Google AI is giving the Future of Life love in Google rankings, leading us to think that the Future of Life’s institute is not nearly as much of a threat to AI as they might hope.

There are a lot of exciting trends, like making Alexa ubiquitous to the new quantum dot displays and trends in VR that you should watch out for.

On a side note, we noticed Microsoft is at it again; destroying developer lives with a new technology that is akin to a compiled TRS80 zBasic or Fortran developing environment for IE 45 that only 3 people use… er, I mean the ‘edge’ browser that only 3 people use… as a new way to deliver web-based applications.  This new technology called Blazor is even more whizbang, with less support then Silverlight had, and is certain to go nowhere quickly; with the only question being how many hopes and dreams will be crushed along the way…


Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is up again at1602.84, proving that our march to singularity is more stable than the cryptocurrency market.

Lastly, thanks for listening to the news of the day on “The Technocracy”.

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