Episode 14 – SEC Crack Down on ICO Scams and Big Brother (Herman)

In this edition, the top news starts with:  In a move, we knew was coming, American federal authorities arrested two founders of a virtual currency that raised $32 million in the first of an SEC crackdown on fraud related to cryptocurrencies in particular ICOs.


In a move to help the thought police crack down on wrong thinking, we are getting one step closer to recording dreams.


Australian Scientists figured out how to create single photo emitters that can be used to create qubits from photons at room temperature, making it more practical to build quantum computers.


Scientists are making progress and have been able to improve the analysis of possible habitable worlds, hoping to find a second earthlike planet.


A clinical psychologist has suggested AI research has hit a wall around open-ended inference. While this might be true, we know of several initiatives around emotion-based AGI systems that promise to solve this problem.


An article in Venturebeat claims companies are responsible for training AI to be ethical.


With a trade war potentially heating up between China and the US, it appears this might end up helping other countries increase their presence in the US market.


Facebook is struggling to right the PR disaster around Cambridge Analytica, attempting to make right the issues with social media data collection and suppress big brother; who, after all, is just there to help you.



In what appears to be some nefarious manipulation of search results by Microsoft around AI, Bing has no ads for AI services, plugs Microsoft shift to AI in Search results. IBM Watson tops Google Ads.  One might think Microsoft is trying to drive more traffic to their AI research…

Lastly, the Singularity Index or S.I. is up slightly at 934.25, but fears of a trade war are still looming.

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